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Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a hearing entitled "Gravity Never Sleeps: Landslide Risk Across the Country"at the Rayburn House Office Building that was intended to inform our lawmakers and government officials about the impacts of landslides in many parts of the United States. As the topic is related to our guiding investigative question for the ENSO Student Research Campaign- "What impacts does water, above and below ground, have on our environment?", I thought I would share some of the things that I learned. Jonathan Godt, the Landslide Hazard Programs Coordinator for the...

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We had an incredible turn out at our (the GLOBE) table at the NOAA booth at the NSTA conference. It was great to meet so many teachers and curriculum directors with an interest in GLOBE. Thanks to everybody who took the time to stop by and learn about GLOBE. For those people who did not get the Earth System Science Poster, we are very sorry. Please follow this link to get the PDF files so that you can print out the pages to use in your classroom. The page also has a complete poster that can be projected or printed, and the activities guide. Expanding on the ESS poster concept, the My...

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