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"Much of the U.S. Midwest has received above normal precipitation this winter. A NASA rainfall analysis provided a look at the precipitation that contributed to current flooding." Check it out HERE!  

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The NASA GLOBE Clouds team recently presented a webinar the details of how your cloud observations are matched to satellite data. The webinar, recording found below, also focuses on the importance and quality of the observations, ways that the data can be used by scientists, and current work being done by the team at NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA. The webinar also highlights newly processed data from the temperature and cloud observations reported for the Great North American Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017.      See how your data is collected...

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Right now I am sitting in my home office, watching the trees bend as the wind howls. My automated weather station in my front yard has an anemometer that is simply going nuts, and the wind vane is wildly careening back and forth as the winds pushes in from all directions. We have had wind gusts that exceeded 40 mph and now my weather station is reporting sustained winds at 25 mph.  The power of nature simply astounds me and fills me with wonder and awe. Being able to make visible observations of the impact of the wind- by watching how fast the clouds are moving, seeing the trees and...

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Para el Programa GLOBE, la ciencia es algo que todos pueden hacer. ¡Y hacer ciencia te convierte en un científico! Entonces, ¿qué hacen los científicos? Observan el mundo que les rodea, hacen preguntas y usan evidencia (o datos) para responder las preguntas que se plantean. La generación de evidencia es una actividad clave para la labor que realizan los científicos. La generación de evidencia para responder las preguntas que se plantea un científico puede hacerse de diversas maneras, tomando medidas con procedimientos estandarizados o identificando los datos disponibles que otras personas...

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When we observe scientists, sometimes we think that they were born with a lab coat, glasses and knowing everything about the world around them, or at least it was my idea when I was child, but all scientists have been students like you and me when they were children, they attended school, enjoyed some courses and maybe disliked others. How did they decide to become scientists? What was their motivation to pursue a career in science?  and what is the impact of GLOBE in their personal and professional lives?  Let´s read some personal stories from GLOBE scientists.   Waleska...

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