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Science Working Group

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The Science Working Group implements strategically aligned updates to various science processes and initiatives within The GLOBE Program. Through these efforts, this group aims to enhance GLOBE's Science literacy efforts within the community.

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To achieve GLOBE’s vision by maintaining the scientific integrity of its protocols and educational materials. The GLOBE Science Working Group supports the needs of GLOBE’s diverse community of teachers, students, scientists and other community members. The group has experts in the environmental sciences who can provide guidance, background information and ways to use data in scientific research being conducted by GLOBE’s diverse community.


To increase and empower the engagement of a worldwide community of students, teachers and citizen scientists in guided scientific exploration and understanding of the environment through GLOBE's protocols and materials. While technology and scientific research evolve over time, it is the Science Working Group's target to have a continual assessment and improvement of scientific protocols emphasizing their quality, usability for research and various applications. 


Working Group Members

* Indicates serving a second term
† Indicates embedded Evaluation Working Group member


Working Group Guiding Principles

The Science Working Group is dedicated to continually promoting scientific integrity and increasing environmental scientific literacy through the fair and equitable access of GLOBE resources, protocols and available data in order to support a worldwide, diverse community of educators, researchers, students and citizen scientists.


Annual Meeting Review

For an overview of the Science Working Group's current initiatives and goals, check out the presentation from this year's GLOBE Annual Review.


Additional Resources

Explore the various Science resources below:

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