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Technology Working Group

Technology Working Group


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Our Vision

"To serve as a liaison between the GLOBE user community, GLOBE Data Information System (DIS) team, and GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO) to help ensure optimal user experience with the GLOBE website and associated technologies."


Our Mission

"To provide regional insights on local technological challenges and to offer input on priorities of proposed upcoming improvements to the GLOBE DIS. When these improvements are implemented, we deliver that message to our respective communities. Additionally, we investigate new and innovative technologies as well as connect with teachers, students, scientists, and citizen scientists to facilitate direct feedback from users."



Who We Are

Find the currently active Technology Working Group members and their contact information below:  

Laura Altin

  • Chair
  • Europe & Eurasia, At Large 
  • laura.altin (at)


Buba Tamba

  • Member
  • Africa 
  • bubatamba (at)

Joan Callope

  • Member
  • Asia & Pacific 
  • jbcallope1112 (at)

Ieva Kalka

  • Member
  • Europe & Eurasia 
  • ieva.kalka (at)

Ana Beatriz Prieto

  • Member
  • Latin America & Caribbean 
  • anabeatrizprieto (at)

Ahmad Almbaidin

  • Vice Chair
  • Near East & North Africa 
  • ahmdaq (at)

Sara Mierzwiak

  • Note Taker
  • North America 
  • sara.mierzwiak (at)


Eslam Khair

  • GIO Liaison
  • North America 
  • ekhair (at)


What We Stand For


We help facilitate greater accessibility to GLOBE content and technologies for a diverse group of users. These users include individuals who speak multiple languages, belong to different age groups, or are members of disadvantaged populations. Our areas of focus concerning accessibility are greatly informed by the recommendations of the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) Working Group.



Annual Meeting & Resources

For an overview of our current initiatives and goals, check out our presentation below from this year's GLOBE Annual Review:



Additional Resources

Explore the various Technology Working Group resources and annual initiatives below: 

Check back soon for more GLOBE Technology WG resources.