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Earth Day: GLOBE's Anniversary

The GLOBE Program was founded on Earth Day in 1995, and members celebrate this anniversary by focusing on GLOBE’s mission. This is a day dedicated to environmental stewardship and community participation, and GLOBE encourages its members to mark the occasion with the below activities.

Hapy Earth Day! 2024 Livestream Broadcast

The GLOBE Program celebrated its 29th anniversary with the annual Earth Day broadcast 22 April. This year's broadcast included greetings from our Sponsors, the Regional Coordination Offices, Student Vloggers, and the International Virtual Science Symposium (IVSS) drawing to learn about this year’s top student projects and which students will receive GLOBE’s annual stipends.

Watch the broadcast below or on YouTube, and join us in celebrating GLOBE’s achievements and all the remarkable work from members and students in the past year!

Celebrate Earth Day with GLOBE

  • Do GLOBE: Collect and submit data using a GLOBE protocol and to help NASA and other researchers better understand the state of the Earth. Try one of GLOBE’s simple protocols that does not require special equipment, such as a cloud observation or land cover classification.

  • Clean and Plant: Pick up litter while discussing how trash can harm the environment. Plant a tree or some flower seeds and talk about the value of native plants and indigenous species in the global Carbon Cycle.

  • Start a Research Project: Start making observations, asking questions and gathering data for a new GLOBE research project to submit for next year’s IVSS.

NASA Resources for 2024 Local Events

The NASA Earth Day Toolkit offers NASA resources for anyone looking to host or participate in local Earth Day events. 
Find out how your event can use NASA science in activities, demonstrations and more!

To find upcoming nearby Earth Day-related events and activities, visit the Earth Day Network website.