Student Research Exhibition Scoring Rubric

Presentations in the 2nd Annual Student Research Exhibition will be scored on the following criteria (modified from the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair Evaluation Criteria).

  1. Creative Ability (15 points)
    1.  Does the project show creative ability and originality in the
      1. questions asked?
      2. approach to solving the problem?
      3. analysis of GLOBE data?
      4. interpretation of GLOBE data?
      5. use of equipment?
    2. Creative research supports an investigation and helps to answer a question in an original way.
  2. Use of GLOBE Data (20 points - Automatic deduction of 20 points if the student/team does not use GLOBE data)
    1. Did the project use GLOBE data?
    2. Was the data entered into the GLOBE database?
    3. Was the project submitted on the GLOBE website?
  3. Scientific Thought (30 points)
    1. Is the research question stated clearly and unambiguously?
    2. Was the research question sufficiently limited to allow plausible attack? Good scientists can identify important problems capable of solutions.
    3. Was the Scientific Method used for obtaining a solution?
    4. Are the variables clearly recognized and defined?
    5. Are there adequate data to support the conclusions?
    6. Does the student/team recognize the data's limitations?
    7. Does the student/team have an idea of what further research is warranted?
  4. Thoroughness (10 points)
    1. Was the purpose carried out to completion within the scope of the original intent?
    2. How completely was the problem covered within the project?
    3. Are the conclusions based on a single experiment or multiple trials
    4. Was the collected data entered into the GLOBE database?
  5. Knowledge Achieved (15 points)
    1. Has the student/team learned something above and beyond the level of classroom study?
    2. Does the student/team answer questions appropriately?
    3. Does the written material reflect the student's/team's understanding of the research?
  6. Clarity (10 points)
    1. How clearly does the student/team discuss his/her/their project and explain the purpose, procedure, and conclusions?
    2. Are the important phases of the project presented in an orderly manner?
    3. How clearly are the data presented?
    4. How clearly are the results presented?
    5. How well does the presentation explain the project?