How to implement GLOBE in times of COVID-19

How to implement GLOBE in times of COVID-19

 Presenting learning opportunities for those under pandemic restrictions 


Dear Teachers, Students, Scientists, Coordinators, and GLOBE friends,

Asia Pacific Regional Office started this page to help you to learn under the new conditions of the COVID-19 crisis. Here we come with an overview of learning opportunities and online resources that the GLOBE Program provides for teachers and students who started with "home-schooling". The page will be regularly updated:

From classrooms to homes:  

Many of the GLOBE classroom learning activities can be used for students who learn from home now. Check the database and filter out an activity according to the age of students and topic: 

Teachers can use GLOBE online modules (e-trainings) to prepare lessons for students on topics such as water pH, soil, mosquitoes, clouds, weather, and many more. They are available for free to download as ppt presentations. The modules are grouped under four areas of Biosphere, Atmosphere, Pedosphere (Soils), and Hydrosphere:

 You can't go out? Observe clouds from your Window! 

You can still use an amazing Smartphone app called GLOBE Observer to track down clouds and contrails right from your balcony or terrace. You may actually be spotless of contrails than ever before - due to the decline in air traffic!
Once you have taken an observation, you will get an email from NASA in a couple of days that compare your observation with an image taken from a satellite.



Since the beginning of the COVID - 19 pandemic as a means to encourage community participants & engaging students to do GLOBE with safety. GLOBE Asia - pacific regional Coordination Office has hosted webinars for wider participation & community engagement. To know more about the webinars Click here


Students should practice their research skills.

You can see the “The Scientific Research Process” page that explains each step in the scientific process. You can also download a poster of the GLOBE science process here

And what about the youngest kids?

Ask their parents to read out a GLOBE Elementary Story Book to them. For example, about kids who investigate what went wrong with the planet Earth climate or about clouds having a different name with Do, You Know That Clouds Have Names?. Download all storybooks for free! With each storybook, kids can also have fun with easy learning activities, such as Why(not) so blue, a simulation of air pollution by dripping milk into a glass of water.


Activities organized by GLOBE Program Asia - Pacific Region Office for Promoting GLOBE at Home

Eco -Engineering Product from Waste - Activity at Home in response to COVID -19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill with governments enforcing lockdowns to ensure their citizens stay at home and stay safe.

With schools temporarily shut down and outdoor activities prohibited, The GLOBE Program can offer a solution. Several activities under GLOBE anchored around STEM can keep children engaged, entertained, and also help them learn a thing or two. 

Although STEM may seem complicated for many parents, the activity listed below has been put together to ensure that they find it easy to guide their children. Apart from that, there are various GLOBE resources for younger students which are mentioned above. 

1. Eco -Engineering Product from Waste 

Click on the guidelines for making a Waste to wealth product.

The Web Exhibition:

  • Students will share their up-cycled creations in a creative, fun Web - exhibition - by posting their product on Social Media using #GLOBEintimesofCOVID-19 and tagging the GLOBE Asia -Pacific social media Pages (Facebook, Instagram)
  • E- Certificates will be awarded By Asia – Pacific GLOBE Regional Coordination Office



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