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I am very interested in the future of the GLOBE program.  This environmental program has done so much to enhance hands on learning for my students.  The concept of recording and analyzing real collected data has been intriguing and very educational.  The opportunity to collaborate with students around the world about our environmental concerns has made my students realize that there is so much beyond their own backyards.

Accomplishments of my students is directly related to my association with GLOBE:

Instituted GLOBE (Global Learning and Observation to Benefit the Environment) curriculum into Hawkins Independent School District. 

Guided Student Research Project over Bud Bursting.  Students were selected to be the only team to represent the United States at the Asian Pacific India Environmental GLOBE Science Fair in New Delhi India.  October 2012  

Directed Student Research Project over Soil Science and Pollution recognized and presented at 17th Annual GLOBE Conference in Washington DC , 2013.

2014 White House Student Film Festival Finalist- White House invited students to tell them why technology is so important, and how it has changed the educational experience for students.  My students stepped up to the challenge in a big way: The White House received more than 2,500 official entries.  My student's video submission was honored as finalist.

Voted Teacher of the Year 2014

Ongoing Collaboration Research Project with Croatia and India concerning Water Quality.

Member of GLOBE Working Education Group

Teacher Mentor –The University of Texas at Tyler 2012

2015 Official Selection White House Student Film Festival-  My students were invited to The White House to meet President Obama and view their video collaboration featuring other GLOBE students.  

August 2014 GLOBE Learning Expedition in New Delhi. Students were invited to present their Water Quality Collaboration Research Project with Croatia and India. 

I think the most important area of focus for GLOBE should be building International Collaborations amongst students.  I believe it is imperative for our environment.  Beyond our environmental concerns I believe it is vitally essential that our students realize how much we all have in common with each other.  

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http://www.tylerpaper.com/TP-News+Local/185187/hawkins-students-making-science-lessons-global-affair - .U1FAD42D2Hw

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