From watching the weather on TV to becoming a NASA Scientist: Dr. Yolanda Shea

Here at NASA Langley we've started the year with snow, and lots of it!

Has all this snow and weather gotten you hooked on the weather? Do you like to watch the weather reports on TV or on your phone? Dr. Yolanda Shea, a scientist at NASA Langley Research Center, used to do just that when she was younger. See what inspired her and how she became a NASA scientist! Comment and share how this video inspires you!

Also, with all this snow on the ground, be sure to submit your cloud reports! Enter your data through GLOBE or use the GLOBE Observer app and follow these simple steps!

=====Teacher Tips=====

This is a great video to show to your students. You can show portions of this video and have students               reflect on the video by either:

  • making a portrait on how they relate to Yolanda
  • writing a news report as if they were interviewing her 
  • making their own video.




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