Eighth-grade student from Our Lady of Mount Carmel School (Newport News, VA) visits NASA Langley

Eight-grade students from Our Lady of Mount Carmel School have been very active during our GLOBE 2017-18 U.S. Air Quality Student Research Campaign. In fact, they recently submitted their team projects to the GLOBE 2018 International Virtual Science Symposium. All students have done remarkable work and one of the most important skills they have developed is collaboration. Among these students, one of them stood out for becoming a Calitoo expert user and for helping not only the members of her own team, but also the members of all other teams, with her accurate AOT measurements.

This student’s performance during our campaign has been so impressive, that we decided to invite her to spend a day at NASA Langley! The student had the opportunity to meet with several atmospheric scientists, who gave her a tour of the labs they work in, and an overview of the instruments they use every day. One of the highlights for the student was to take a close look at the AERONET (AErosol RObotic NETwork) instrument. She and her classmates have used AERONET data for their research projects at school.

In addition to spending some time at the Atmospheric Science building, the student also visited the Autonomy Incubator facility, where computer scientists and mechanical engineers talked to her about how they use drones to take measurements.

We were delighted to have this young scientist with us for the day and we expect to keep hearing about her contributions to the science community!

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