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NAME:  Graves, Scott, Michael                                                              
RANK OR TITLE: Associate Professor
DEPARTMENT: Environment Geography and Marine Sciences             
OFFICE LOCATION AND CAMPUS ZIP:                                             
Jennings Hall, Room 333                                                                     
Southern Connecticut State University
OFFICE PHONE: (203) 392-6604
FAX: (203) 392-6614
WEB: Scott M Graves - Southern Connecticut State University                                                

Happy Anniversary GLOBE!   April 22nd 2015!  

That's some awesome history of service to the public, to teaching and learning and to the scientific community worldwide!


Scott Michael Graves is Associate Professor of Science Education and Environmental Studies at Southern Connecticut State University, where he conducts research on science teaching; teaches education and environmental science courses (undergraduate and graduate), and is coordinator for the MS Degree Program in Science Education and Science Teacher Certification Program.

Dr. Graves has been an active member of the GLOBE community since its inception. Scott has designed GLOBE centered college courses that are core to both undergraduate and graduate programs in Environmental Studies and Science Education. These courses cover GLOBE field protocols and data collection in detail in a semester long course, with links to Earth Systems Science content and activities. Field sites include the Cove River in West Haven, CT where study has been underway since 2005. Many College and High School Students have conducted GLOBE studies at Cove River, some winning Connecticut-wide science fairs and other  awards.

Recently (Summer 2014) Scott was invited to the GLOBE GLE in New Delhi, India to assist with student field experiences and also to help with the newly established GLOBE Technology Working Group. This Tech Working Group is doing wonderful work helping GLOBE HQ and partners in redesigning the main GLOBE Website and in development of new mobile device Apps. Scott was elected Chair of the Tech Working Group and we meet monthly on an international telecon. Technology Working Group members include: vice Chair, Maria Auxiliadora Portuguez Campos (Latin America and Caribbean Representative - from Costa Rica), Secretary, Krisanadej Jaroensutasinee (Asia Pacific Representative - from Thailand), Members, Nadhirah Alharthy (Near East and North Africa Representative - from Oman), Charles Mwangi (Africa Representative - from Kenya), and Matthijs Begheyn (Europe and Eurasia Representative - from Netherlands). Also participating in our Technology Working group are Tony Murphy (Director of GLOBE Implementation Office), Min-Ying Wei (Program Manager, NASA), Nargess Memarsadeghi (Senior Computer Engineer - NASA Goddard), David Overoye (Program Manager Web Solutions - Raytheon), Cornell Lewis (Raytheon Web Solutions - Program Manager for

This highly capable Technology Working Group has achieved a lot in terms of highlighting needed and desired changes in the GLOBE Website and in helping the real technology consultants from NASA and Raytheon in developing new web interface elements and new mobile Apps. We are very proud of our work to-date and are excited to be able to help in promoting the new GLOBE Website and mobile Apps as soon as testing is complete.   - Exciting times for GLOBE!

The new GLOBE Website and Apps should be rolling out this Spring and Summer and we anticipate a lot of opportunities to share and promote their use with the GLOBE community and others.


My newest ideas for promoting/usingGLOBE in community-based field studies include developing a grant proposal to NSF REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates)  - We intend on building on our long history of collecting GLOBE data at the local Cove River Historical Site in West Haven, CT. Our new proposal would engage participants in coastal ecology and ecosystem and human community resilience studies using on ground field investigations of estuary/marsh and beaches and their surrounding residential community. We hope to employ a lot of GLOBE protocol-driven work in gathering field data on the marshes and beaches and water quality, and deploy small UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems - drones) for gathering aerial photography to use in remote sensing activities. We hope to fly small GoPro type cameras to photograph the marshes and beaches in the visible and near IR spectrum, and then use those images to build a photogrametric map series which we can update over time and investigate the ecologic recovery of the coastal ecosystem in the wake of recent hurricanes... and to assist in planning for climate change-driven sea-level rise challenges.

I promise to update this profile as our work progresses!   Fun work, Real work, Science in Service to Community!


what you see below is a bit more of my own personal background.... if you are curious.


Prior to landing in Connecticut, Dr. Graves was at UIdaho, where he created and co-directed the US Dept of Ed funded Lewis & Clark Rediscovery Project which was a country-wide technology innovation challenge grant designed to engage Teachers and Students in investigating 200 yrs of change in communities all along the Lewis and Clark Trail. This 5 yr project had GLOBE at its heart. GLOBE trained teachers across the country engaged in field data collection along the trail and in using technology to explore Environment, Culture, Natural History then and now. The project was very successful and will be re-linked to the GLOBE program soon.... ;-)

Dr. Graves has designed and implemented assessment strategies for data gathering (as well as analysis procedures) for documenting the preparation and efficacy of Science Teacher Candidates as a part of the Science Education and Environmental Studies Department and SCSU's NSTA & NCATE Accreditation process.

With graduate degrees in Education (Ph.D. University of Idaho) as well as Geology and Geophysics/Oceanography (B.S. University of California at Santa Cruz) and M.S. (Graduate School of Oceanography: University of Rhode Island), and experience in science and science education research and teaching, as well as curriculum development, Dr. Graves has worked in the University setting as well as private industry and the non-profit sector. Dr. Graves specializes in Science and Technology Teacher Professional Development for in-service and non-formal education settings in addition to teaching Science Teaching Methods, and supervising student teachers. Curriculum materials developed include Integrated Science, Earth Systems Science, Astronomy, Educational Technology, Models of Teaching, Science and Environmental Education and Curriculum Development, as well as a wide variety of professional development projects and programs. Dr. Graves has been an Editorial Board Member for a number of environmental, science and educational technology organizations including: NSTA's Science Objects, AACE's Educational Technology journal, the National Center for Online Learning and Research journal of online teaching and learning, NCATE's NSTA partner review board, the Journal of Geoscience Education, Northern Rocky Mountains Education Research Association, among others.

Dr. Graves has been a principle or co-investigator on a number of teacher professional development grants (NASA, US Dept of Education, Idaho Department of Education, Idaho Space Grant, etc). Some grants – were multi-year, very large and national in scope, e.g. Lewis and Clark Rediscovery Project (5 yrs, $7.5Million), and Life-Long Learning Lewis and Clark Rediscovery (3 yr, $2.5Million).

Dr. Graves has participated in and consulted for a number of international environmental science and technology education programs in Finland, Estonia, Russia and Guatemala, Belize, China, and most recently in Singapore and in New Delhi, India (GLOBE GLE). These international endeavors have resulted in further grant opportunities and collaborative programs that model effective environmental science education melded with infusion of communications and Internet technologies for education.


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