By Scott M Graves, posted 7/16/16 5:46 PM

Hello again! Our GLOBE Technology Working Group is meeting again. This annual meeting is in Estes Park, CO. A great get together with members, students, trainers and country coordinators from around the world (GLOBE)! Here is a spherical panorama of our working group doing the important business of reviewing all our recent work, etc. GLOBE annual meeting (Estes Park, CO), Technology Working Group break out session. Discussing annual progress and challenges. - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

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By Scott M Graves, posted 6/26/15 6:40 PM

In the summer of 2014 - at the International Student Learning Expedition in New Delhi, India, the GLOBE Implementation Office along with NASA's GLOBE Program Manager established formal working groups to engage in discussions around a variety of GLOBE Research/Science, Education, Evaluation, Communications, and Technology challenges now and into the future. These groups comprise memberships from around the world with participants from science, education and technical institutions, and GLOBE Country and Regional Coordinators. I was honored and pleased to have been elected to chair...

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