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GLOBE Community: Create a “GLOBE Team” Today – Data Collection Made Easy!

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GLOBE Community: If you are a GLOBE account holder, you can create and join teams of people, called “GLOBE Teams,” which will enable you to track your group’s data-collection efforts. GLOBE Teams can be used to set up a competition, coordinate a community’s citizen science efforts, support an educational or corporate initiative, or simply enable a group of people to work together.

Even if you do not belong to a specific learning facility, can associate your data with an entity that consists of friends, family, and coworkers. (Parents can even share in their child's data-collection efforts with their child's school.) This ability will allow you, and others, to search via your group’s name and find data associated with your group.  A team may be open to anyone or it may be restricted to those who are invited to join through a referral code. The private teams are often based in a community, such as an after-school program, library or museum club, or corporate team. Open teams will be visible to all users. You can even join more than one group!

For more information on GLOBE Teams, click here.

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