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GLOBE Community: Please Log In to Your Account or Enter Data Prior to 10 February to Avoid Account Deactivation

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Collaboration is important to the enduring efforts of The GLOBE Program, and enhances the ability of our community members to learn about their environment and share their findings. The best way to share and collaborate is to log into GLOBE and join the various discussion boards, write a blog, update your profile, and/or enter a measurement. GLOBE wants our community members to be active within the program; therefore, we are requesting that you log in to consistently. 

GLOBE will be deactivating accounts for those that have not signed in to or who have not sent in data during the past two years. In order to avoid your account being deactivated, please log in or enter data before 10 February, and continue to do so at least once every few months.

If your account becomes deactivated and you wish to reactivate it, please contact your Country Coordinator via your country's page from or contact

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