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Welcome to the GLOBE Ireland Air Quality Campaign. The GLOBE Ireland Air Quality Campaign is a citizen-science campaign to assess traffic-related air pollution at schools. This is an educational project designed to raise awareness about air pollution, engage students in the scientific process, promote action around clean air and showcase the potential of citizen science to gather unique datasets and insights into our environment. There have been 7 campaigns since 2019, with over 600 teachers registering to participate in a campaign.

The campaign is a 6-to-8-week inquiry-based learning project where students are encouraged to participate in the scientific process of observing the environment, asking questions, developing a hypothesis, planning an investigation, gathering data, analysing, and interpreting data and communicating the scientific results. Students are encourgaed to engage with GLOBE Atmosphere protocols to support their air pollution investigation.

Each school that registers to participate in a GLOBE Ireland Air Quality campaign will receive three diffusion tubes to measure nitrogen dioxide outside at their school.  The diffusion tubes are positioned at three locations at each school, one near a main road, one at a car park/drop off location, and one in a relatively sheltered area and are left-up for a 4-week period.

Please get in touch with globe@eeu.antaisce.org to register for our next campaign.


For more information, watch our short introductory video to the Air Quality Campaign.


The following are some resources that you may find useful while participating in the campaign.

  1. Introduction to the Campaign 
  2. AQC2 Mapping Exercise
  3. AQC3 Cloud Observation
  4. AQC4 Traffic Count Survey
  5. AQC5 Topography and Air Pollution
  6. NEW Air Quality Module


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