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Fusing GLOBE with NASA assets to build systematic innovation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)


GLOBE Mission EARTH is a collaborative of multiple institutions across the United States formed to increase involvement in the GLOBE Program (www.globe.gov). In addition to the members from our partner institutions, our group includes hundreds of other individuals including teachers, students and citizen scientists, located throughout the United States. More > >
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GLOBE Mission EARTH hosts NASA SEES (STEM Enhancement in Earth Science) UHIE (Urban Heat Island Effect) Group during Summer 2021
GLOBE Mission EARTH hosted the NASA SEES (STEM Enhancement in Earth Science) UHIE (Urban Heat Island Effect) Group during Summer 2021. A total of 6 high school students joined the group as part of their highly-competitive NASA SEES Internship, and 3 teachers from the state of Ohio joined the group via funding through OhioView (www.ohioview.org). Throughout the totally virtual course, participants learned the following: the science of the UHIE; how to collect surface temperature, air temperature and clouds data around their immediate environment via the GLOBE Program’s observation protocols; how to visualize that data within the GLOBE system and via ArcGIS Online mapping; and analysis of thermal satellite imagery utilizing Multispec and QGIS software. Participants also utilized Lucidchart to construct conceptual models of their research process, and ArcGIS Online Storymaps to tell the narrative of their projects. Students presented their final research projects for the NASA SEES Symposium. Teachers also conducted final projects in the form of proposals to implement their new skills into their curricula for the upcoming school year. This course was a unique model combining both students and teachers, which allowed for many unexpected benefits to all participants. The course was conducted on two primary platforms: a Google Classroom (to host the personal communications and submittal of assignments), and a Google Site (to host the course content): https://sites.google.com/view/sees-uhie-group/home.  >>

Do More with Clouds
Have you wondered what happens to your sky photographs? The NASA GLOBE CLOUD GAZE, a partnership between NASA GLOBE Clouds and the Zooniverse online platform, gives you the opportunity to identify cloud types, cloud cover and other phenomena captured in GLOBE cloud photographs of the sky!  >>

GLOBE Youth Geoscientists Complete Internship
Eleven interns, or GLOBE Youth Geoscientists (GYG), complete a two-week internship at University of California’s Botanical Gardens. The internship program combines GLOBE, career development experiences, college preparation, and youth development/leadership strategies to build a replicable summer geosciences experience for rising seniors in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area in California who are traditionally underrepresented in STEM.  >>

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