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Dedicated Educators: GLOBE Teachers Exhibit Remarkable Commitment Even After Relocating

Numerous educators within the GLOBE Program demonstrate unwavering dedication, persisting with their commitment even after relocating to different states. Their exceptional devotion underscores the program's profound impact on both educators and students.

The GLOBE Program, a global environmental education initiative, boasts a vast network comprising schools, universities, and educators across the world. Within this program, students and teachers actively monitor and document environmental changes, contributing to global scientific knowledge. Despite the program's wide reach, it is the educators who breathe life into its mission, embodying a fervent passion for environmental science and education.

A prime example of this commitment is Jim Less, a former teacher from Toledo, Ohio, who continued implementing the GLOBE Program after moving to Coral Springs, Florida. Jim's dedication, dating back to his involvement in the first GME Teacher Professional Development group in 2016, reflects the program's enduring impact. As a 7th and 8th-grade teacher, he has channeled his enthusiasm into his students and even created a video showcasing their exceptional work and the GLOBE Program's remarkable influence on both young minds and the environment.





The GLOBE community and the wider educational realm commend educators like Jim Less for their tireless efforts. Their commitment transcends geographical boundaries and serves as an inspiration to students, instilling a lifelong passion for environmental understanding and preservation. These educators exemplify the lasting impact of a quality education that extends beyond the confines of a classroom or location.
You can watch the video created by Jim Less and his students in the St. Andrews school.
here which vividly showcases the incredible work and commitment of educators within the GLOBE Program.