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GLOBE Mission EARTH and Earth Heart Farms presentation to Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge group, January 2024

GLOBE Mission EARTH partnered with Earth Heart Farms steward Vicki Rae Harder-Thorne to give a presentation about their collaborative effort to the Friends of Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge in January 2024.

Link to the Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGIK3nc57fw

Link to the Slides: https://www.friendsofottawanwr.org/uploads/2/8/2/2/28223209/ehf_presentation_-_jan_18_2024_-_fonwr.pdf

Vicki is a steward of Earth Heart Farms in Oak Harbor, Ohio. In 1883, Vicki's great-grandparents purchased 80 acres in rural Oak Harbor and started a family farm. The land never the left the family, and Harder-Thorne is now the fourth-generation owner. Although the land remains in the family, its focus has significantly changed from agricultural business to conservation. Learn about this special program and how schools can participate.

Teachers in NW Ohio are invited to apply by April 30th for year 3 of the Earth Heart Farm (EHF) outdoor STEAM enhancement program in Ottawa County. There are openings for 15 teachers in NW Ohio for Summer Professional Development in June 2024. Go to http://tiny.cc/Summer 2024PD or scroll down for info on applying to this program!

Vicki Rae Harder-Thorne, EHF Steward, and GME Specialists Dr. Kevin Czajkowski, Sara Mierzwiak and Janet Struble provide further details of the program in this video. This presentation was sponsored by Friends of Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge. For more information about the Friends, visit www.friendsofottawanwr.org. 


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