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Lake Erie Water Festival! GME-UT Staff travel to Monroe, MI to teach 175 elementary students how to analyze water using GLOBE hydrosphere protocols!

On Tuesday May 17th, 2022, GME-UT Staff traveled to Monroe, Michigan to host a tent at the annual Lake Erie Water Festival! The event included 175 students who rotated in groups throughout the festival to visit each tent's activity. GME-UT's tent was located adjacent to two different ponds, and GME-UT staff helped students collect and compare water from both ponds. Students also collected air temperature and surface temperature data, and noted current weather conditions on their data sheets. Leading the demonstrations was Dr. Kevin Czajkowski, Principal Investigator of GLOBE Mission EARTH, and GME-UT staff members Sara Mierzwiak, Dr. Yitong Jiang, and Olawale Oluwafemi ("Femi"). Students learned how to throw a bucket into the ponds and retrieve water, and performed the following water quality analyses: temperature, pH, nitrate, and phosphate. 

Dr. Kevin Czajkowski, Sara Mierzwiak and Olawale Oluwafemi ("Femi")lead a discussion with the students before splitting into groups and collecting water from the nearby ponds for water quality analyses.

Dr. Kevin Czajkowski demonstrates how to pour water from a bucket into a turbidity tube for turbidity analysis.