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Dr. C gives virtual presentation to the 10th Annual Young People’s Summit held by the country of Malta
Dr. Kevin Czajkowski, a professor in Geography and Planning and PI for GLOBE Mission Earth: Fusing GLOBE with NASA Assets to Build Systemic Innovation in STEM Education, sponsored by NASA, recently had the privilege of presenting virtually at the 10th Annual Young People’s Summit held by the country of Malta. Dr. C discussed the GLOBE Program's Urban Heat Island Effect (UHIE) Campaign and the Surface Temperature data collected by GLOBE students and participants around the world.  >>

G+VSS GLOBE Virtual Student Symposium Held April 30 - May 1, 2021
2021 G+VSS held to support project-based learning. The WestEd/UC Berkeley GLOBE Partnership of the GLOBE Mission Earth team hosted the G+VSS where more than 75 students attended and 25 STEM projects were presented to 26 STEM professional Reviewers.  >>

Check out this short video of our B-WET Great Lakes Professional Development 2020-2021!
Check out our short video compilation of activities from GLOBE Mission EARTH's B-WET Great Lakes GLOBE Professional Development. Teachers from around the Great Lakes region were trained in GLOBE protocols to analyze their local water quality. Teachers then take this knowledge to their students to get them involved in monitoring their local environment and conducting authentic research using GLOBE sampling protocols.  >>

Dr. C in the University of Toledo news!
Check out this news story about Dr. C in the University of Toledo news! In partnership with NASA and its additional $11.4 million in support, a researcher at The University of Toledo is expanding his work to transform how K-12 science is taught in the United States using more hands-on experiments and direct observations to solve environmental problems. “The main goal of our program is to have students create and do real science projects — authentic science, not something staged in a lab,” Czajkowski said. “Some of the projects students have done are very cutting edge.” Read the whole story here:  >>

TSU's 2020 GIS Days Recap
GIS Day was extended 2 days this year!! Here are the video of events if you missed it!!  >>

GIS Day at Tennessee State University 2020
There are a number of webinars scheduled for Tennessee State University's 2020 GIS Day.  >>

3rd Grade Halloween Party + GLOBE!
A Halloween Party is a great time to collect GLOBE data! That's exactly what GLOBE Mission EARTH Teacher Julie Houck's 3rd grade class did on Friday October 30th, 2020! Dressed up in their Halloween costumes, the students went outside and collected clouds data for GLOBE!  >>

Our very own Dr. Padgett recognized in the July 2020 Summary
Dr. Padgett's award has been recognized in the July 2020 Summary  >>

2020 GLOBE Providence Professional Development Workshop
Over the week of July 20th, 20 teachers from the Providence Public School District attended the annual curriculum workshop run by the Boston GLOBE Mission Earth team. The workshop included hands-on protocol reviews at Mashapaug Pond and curriculum development via Zoom meetings.  >>

GLOBE at Home-Strategies for Success!
Although schools around the world have paused in-person learning, that hasn’t stopped GLOBE Mission EARTH (GME) teachers, Jessica Kunz and Zulema Gonzales, from providing GLOBE-infused STEM learning for their students. During a recent round-table virtual presentation hosted by GME, these teachers shared examples of their lesson plans and strategies to engage students STEM (distance) learning. During a recent presentation hosted by GLOBE Mission Earth, teachers shared an example of their lesson plans and tactics to encourage students to stay engaged in the STEM world to other teachers.  >>