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2020 Community Cloud Challenge Begins Tomorrow (15 July)! Read Recent Blog With Ways You Can Participate!

2020 Community Cloud Challenge shareable

Ready to join in the 2020 Community Cloud Challenge: Science is Better, which begins on 15 July and concludes on 15 August? Then read the latest GLOBE Community Blog, written by Marilé Colón Robles (lead for the GLOBE Clouds Team at NASA's Langley Research Center) providing details on how to participate, how to take cloud and sky observations, the schedule of weekly cloud scientist videos, and more!

The blog (which is also offered in Spanish) covers “how to participate,” including:

  • learn about clouds with NASA scientists and educators;
  • do an at-home activity; and/or
  • take cloud and sky observations.

The blog also covers the weekly schedule of presentations by NASA scientists (which will take place on Thursdays at 12:00 p.m. ET), including:

  • 09 July: Science Topic “Satellite Matches to GLOBE Cloud Observations,” Presented by Project Scientist Marilé Colón Robles and Scientific Programmer Tina Rogerson (NASA Langley Research Center), and at-home activity “Reading a Satellite Match Table,” presented by NASA educator Heather Mortimer (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
  • 16 July: Science Topic “What is Citizen Science” and at-home activity “Cloud Cover Estimation,” presented by Atmospheric Scientist Jessica Taylor (NASA Langley Research Center)
  • 23 July: Science Topic “Clouds and Weather from 22,000 Miles Away,” presented by Atmospheric Scientist Kris Bedka (NASA Langley Research Center), and at-home activity “Cloud Cookery,” presented by Camp Discovery Counselor Lucy Ellisor (Blythewood, South Carolina, USA)
  • 30 July: Science Topic “Clouds and Earth’s Climate,” presented by Atmospheric Scientist Patrick Taylor (NASA Langley Research Center), and at-home activity “Cloud Clues,” presented by GLOBE educators Joselyn Hathaway (River Road Middle School in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, USA) and Wanda Hathaway (Churchland Middle School in Portsmouth, Virginia, USA)
  • 06 August: Science Topic “Aerosols and Air Quality,” presented by Research Scientist Kristina Pistone (NASA Ames Research Center), and at-home activity “Up in the Air,” presented by NASA Educator Angela Rizzi and Atmospheric Scientist Ali Omar (NASA Langley Research Center)
  • 13 August: Science Topic “The Impact of Your Observations in Research,” presented by Atmospheric Scientist J. Brant Dodson (NASA Langley Research Center), and at-home activity “Cloud Fun (Nature Journal),” presented by GLOBE educator Veshell Lewis (Jackson Public Schools and University of Southern Mississippi)

To read the blog, click here.

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