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Website Upgrade Now Complete
All functionality including login, data entry and data retrieval should be returned to normal at this time.  >>

GLOBE Website Upgrade Period Now in Progress
Starting today (12 Nov.) the website will be experiencing maintenance for an upgrade. Login and submitting data to the site or through the app is now off (through 16 Nov.).  >>

GLOBE Website Getting Upgrade! NO Login/Data Entry to Website from 12-16 November!
The GLOBE website is getting an upgrade this month! The transition period is planned for 12 November through 16 November. During this period, sign in to the site will be turned off and YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ADD DATA.  >>

Getting Ready for the 2021 IVSS? GIO Hosts Webinars Tomorrow (18 November)
Getting Ready for the 2021 IVSS? GIO Hosts Two Webinars in November  >>

Join NESEC Air Quality Campaign Webinar Series: “Investigating GLOBE Air Quality from the Ground, to Clouds to Satellites” Beginning 17 November
Join the four-part Air Quality Campaign Webinar Series, “Investigating GLOBE Air Quality from the Ground, to Clouds to Satellites,” hosted by the NASA Earth Science Education Collaborative (NESEC), with NASA scientist, Dr. Margaret Pippin, from Langley Research Center (Hampton, Virginia, USA). The webinar series will provide information and tools for exploring air quality.  >>

November GLOBE Program Tech Update
As always, GLOBE continues to work to ensure that your “use” of the website, and associated apps, is as user-friendly as possible. Check out the latest tech updates:  >>

Join 11 November Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign Webinar “Trees: The Lungs of the Earth”
The Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign webinar “Trees: The Lungs of the Earth,” will be held on Wednesday, 11 November, at 03:00 p.m. ET (08:00 p.m. UTC).  >>

Read New Blog “NASA Releases Two New Tree-related Feature Videos”
Are you participating in the Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign? Then you’ll want to read a recent GLOBE Community Blog written by Brian Campbell, NASA Senior Earth Science Education Specialist: “NASA Releases Two New Tree-related Feature Videos.”  >>

Tomorrow (05 November): Thursday Watercooler
U.S. GLOBE Teachers and Partners: Join the Thursday Watercoolers in November. The Watercoolers will begin at 04:10 p.m. ET with a brief update from U.S. Country Coordinator Jen Bourgeault, and will proceed with a presentation or two from a GLOBE teacher or partner, with time for questions and conversation.  >>

Beta Testers Still Needed!
All GLOBE members will have the opportunity to try out and practice with the new features as volunteer beta testers in advance of the November launch of the website upgrade.  >>