Why Study Dust

Why is it Important?

Storm System Stirs Up Dust

Dust observations made by GLOBE can help scientists in several ways. Your observations provide direct evidence of a dust storm in your area. Scientists can use YOUR OBSERVATIONS to check if their models have done a good job to predict these dust storms. In addition, your data will be used to verify satellite observations. Dust products from satellites are often compared to other independent data sources, such as ground monitors and aircraft measurements. Your GLOBE observations can be part of the “ground truth” data set. 

This is VERY IMPORTANT to help communities prepare and avoid harmful impacts of dust storms. Your observations with scientists help alert or tell students or people with asthma when to stay indoors or even let farmers and ranchers know which days would be better to till their land. Your observations also help warn construction workers when to wear protective equipment to reduce risks of Valley fever infection. Truck drivers can plan their trips to avoid roadblocks and costly detours. Even music concerts, sports teams, and weddings can best plan their outdoor events.