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Urban Heat Islands Story Map

David Overoye, modified 1 Year ago.
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Thought this might be of interest to this community.  From Desiray Wilson who supports the My NASA Data project:

Creation of Urban Heat Islands Story Map:
In this new  My NASA Data cloud-based lesson, Creation of Urban Heat Islands Story Map, students engage with interactive NASA data, maps, and multimedia content related to the Urban Heat Island Effect, along with tasks that can be seamlessly incorporated into classroom instruction. Throughout the story map, grade 6-12 students investigate the processes that form differences in surface temperature, and evaluate how human activity has led to the formation of Urban Heat Islands. By featuring the GLOBE Program’s Visualization System, students will view and analyze surface temperature data collected by students like themselves, incorporating it into their explanations of how surface cover types affect surface temperature.
Lesson Plan Link
Direct Link to Story Map
MND video tutorial that teaches users how to navigate the story map:
Creation of Urban Heat Islands Story Map Tutorial