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I've been working with a fantastic group from New Hampshire to provide professional development for educators for years. This year, we've spent a considerable amount of time on the pedosphere, from wetland soils to forest and grassland soils. We've talked about why trees go where they do and all the critters, both macro and micro, that spend time in soil. I've listed some of my favorite...

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At the Annual Meeting in Connecticut this summer, I asked the United States GLOBE partners and teachers to write down one GLOBE-related accomplishment on an index card. It could be either professional or personal, something that was time-consuming or one that took minutes. Whatever it was, it had to have made them proud or excited about their year in GLOBE. The responses are below:   ...

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Last year I watched several webinars which were developed for teachers whose students were participating in the GLOBE science fair. While they were all good, one really stood out to me and basically changed the way I taught, "Writing Conclusions using the C-E-R Framework."

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