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October Urban Heat Island Effect/Surface Temperature Field Campaign Wrap-up

Photo of GLOBE community members participating in the campaign

Did you participate in the Urban Heat Island Effect – Surface Temperature Field Campaign in October? The results are in! During the campaign, a total of 1,817 surface temperature observations were made. Since each observation represents an average of nine observations on a homogenous surface, there were 16,353 observations taken by students.

From 01 October through 01 November, there were 88 schools that participated in the campaign. This is a substantial increase over last year, when 43 schools participated. (To view the Facebook Live wrap-up of the October campaign, click here!)

The campaign (which now takes place in October, December, and March) will begin again on 01 December, and will run through 31 December. As always, your participation, is invaluable to this scientific endeavor. Your observations add to the extensive data set that students and scientists, including Dr. Kevin Czajkowski (“Dr. C” at the University of Toledo), can use to study the urban heat island effect. The main research question that needs to be answered is "How does surface cover affect surface temperature?"

NOTE: If you plan on participating in December, please remember to take observations of two sites: one grassy and one paved area (either asphalt or concrete).

To learn more about the campaign, including how to get started, what data to collect and when; and advice from Dr. C, click here.

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