WestEd/UC Berkeley Partnership Engages Students in GLOBE Through After School Internships
Do you have 6-12 schools that your partnership works with? Do these schools have after school programs? Learn how this CA Partnership is engaging students in GLOBE through an after school internship program!  >>

Jessica Taylor, Woman of Color Awardee
Jessica Taylor of the NASA Langley GLOBE Partnership was awarded the 2018 Women of Color Award for Educational Leadership in recognition for her work with GLOBE and in promoting training for STEM Professionals to become more effective role models for youth, particularly girls.  >>

Getting Ready for the SRS: How to develop and choose a team of students to attend the GLOBE Regional SRS?
GLOBE teachers discuss GLOBE at their school and how they choose a team of students to attend the SRS.  >>

Elena Sparrow Expands Science Opportunity on Two Frontiers
For more than 40 years, Dr. Elena Bautista Sparrow of the University of Alaska/Fairbanks has braved two frontiers: the study of global climate from the perspective of her home in the Arctic, and the expansion of opportunities for girls and young women to become the scientists they were meant to be.  >>

GLOBE and Eco-Schools: Intersections in Science and Sustainability
Q & A with GLOBE Partner Jennifer Hammonds, M.Ed. and Senior Manager of K-16 Curriculum and Instruction with National Wildlife Federation (NWF) Eco-Schools USA Program.  >>

A recent infusion of funding from two sources has re-energized the Wisconsin GLOBE Partnership
GLOBE Trainer Michael Notaro (Nelson Institute Center for Climatic Research), GLOBE Partner Rose Pertzborn (University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Space Science & Engineering Center) and a group of students and citizen scientists plan to investigate climate impacts in Wisconsin's Curtis Tension Zone as part of a three-year Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Endowment initiative.  >>

Join the GLOBE Virtual Lakes Expedition
The U.S. GLOBE Office would like to invite you and your students to participate in an international virtual expedition that is taking place October 2-8, 2018 in several GLOBE countries around the world!  >>

Michigan students "combine science and culture" at the Ireland GLE
A local news article highlights Crestwood High School (MI) students and their experience at the 2018 Ireland GLE.  >>

From glaciers to invertebrates: who knows where the waters of the GLOBE may take you?
The headwaters that flow from the glaciers high in the Rocky Mountains to the west of Lafayette, Colorado are some of the purest waters in the world. But as it channels through the city of Boulder, the water loses its clarity, picking up human waste and trash—and making it a laboratory for Bill Meyers and his GLOBE students at Alexander Dawson School.  >>

Two stars from the other side of the globe explore GLOBE to chart their futures
In the spring of 2017, the U.S. GLOBE Program held six regional Student Research Symposia where teachers and students from schools across the country shared the results of their field investigations using GLOBE Program data collection protocols. In this story we profile a student-teacher team from New Jersey who brought their research to the 2017 Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Research Symposium.  >>