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U.S. Student Research Symposia Helps “Two stars from the other side of the globe explore GLOBE to chart their futures”

Photo fo Andrea and Andy at U.S. SRS
Andrea and Andy at the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic SRS

In the spring of 2017, GLOBE held six regional Student Research Symposia where teachers and students from schools across the country shared the results of their field investigations using GLOBE program data collection protocols. In a series of feature stories, GLOBE is highlighting some of the teacher/student teams who presented at these symposia.

The most recent feature story, “Two stars from the other side of the globe explore GLOBE to chart their futures,” highlights two Chinese high school exchange students, Andrea and Andy, who knew from an early age that they wanted to explore secondary education in the United States.  

“Andrea grew up in Beijing, a city with choking air pollution, so she already knows what career she wants after high school and college: environmental engineering,” the story explains. “Andy is drawn more toward math and programming as a career, but, like Andrea, he soaks up any and all math and science activities and courses he can get his hands on.”

In the spring of 2017, Andy and Andrea accepted the challenge of presenting their GLOBE-related work at the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Student Research Symposia (SRS) in New Jersey, USA.

“The project we took to the GLOBE regional symposium is called Escaping the Heat Island,” Andrea explained. “We live south of New Jersey, very near to Newark. We wanted to observe a heat island effect, the abnormal temperature in city areas from skyscrapers, buildings, and the movement of the wind. There are many causes that lead to the difference of temperature in this city of islands,” she said.

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