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NASA Tree Height and Moon Trees Webinar
Time Traveling with Trees: The NASA Moon Trees Program with Apollo 14 and Artemis and a Timeline of NASA Earth Observations from Space. Join us for a look back to the Apollo 14 Moon Trees Program and a look forward to the Artemis Mission Moon Trees Program.  >>

Leadership Change at the GLOBE Program Office
Dr. Allison Leidner is stepping down from her role as GLOBE Program Manager in the Earth Science Division at NASA Headquarters.  >>

May 2023 GLOBE Tech Update
The tech team is working through a number of enhancements that are scheduled to go into effect towards the end of May.   >>

GLOBE STEM Professionals: Join the 23 May GLOBE International STEM Network Social Hour – Get Your Questions Answered!
You are invited to attend the GLOBE International STEM Network (GISN) “social hour” on Tuesday, 23 May, at 11:00 a.m. EDT (09:00 a.m. MDT). Your questions will be answered by GISN members. This is a GISN social hour for STEM professionals, though any community member or teacher is welcome to join.  >>

Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign May Webinar
Tuesday, May 9, 2023 @ 1:00pm EDT (5:00pm UTC, 7:00pm CEST). The State of Trees – May 2023. Looking at Land Cover and River Deltas with NASA Delta-X Mission, including a Discussion of Global Surface Water, Mangrove Science, and Trees with We Feet.  >>

GLOBE Annual Meeting 2023, Denver, Colorado USA
Registration and the call for community presentations are now open.  >>

Please Welcome the 2023/2024 GLOBE Student Vloggers!
Our vloggers this year range in age from 10 to 17 years old. We are excited to work with them this year and for you to learn from them!   >>

Where is the Water: A GLOBE Observer Challenge
Join us for the entire month of May for the “Where is the Water: A GLOBE Observer Challenge.”  >>

GLOBE Observer Connect
Our topic for May will be about water and land cover during the first week of Where is the Water? A GLOBE Observer Data Challenge.  >>

GLOBE Mission Mosquito Event
Join the GLOBE Mission Mosquito team on May 11 at 2 pm ET to hear from three student groups making a difference in the world through their research.  >>