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In-Person North America Regional Meeting in February 2024: Pacific
The next in-person North America Regional Meeting (NARM) will be held in February 2024. Registration is now open.  >>

NENA Regional Meeting from 15 -16 November 2023
The 2023 Near East and North Africa (NENA) annual regional meeting is currently underway and occuring virtually this year.  >>

EE Phenology Campaign - Our Autumn with Trees YCC Webinar on 29 November
This is the final meeting of the Autumn Campaign and an opportunity for students and teachers to share experiences and inspire each other with projects and activities related to green-down and the role of trees in the global carbon cycle.  >>

North America Phenology Campaign Webinar on 15 November
Don't miss the next North America Phenology Campaign webinar! This month we will be having a conversation with Dr. Katherine Boggs, Geoscientist and Associate Professor at Mount Royal University in Alberta, Canada.  >>

The State of Trees -- December 2023
Join this special webinar on 5 December as we hear from colleagues around the world about their experiences with the Miyawaki Method of tree planting, growing trees near schools, and in villagers and urban neighborhoods.  >>

GLOBE Asia and Pacific Regional Meeting in April 2024
The GLOBE AP Regional Meeting will be held from 15-18 April 2024 in the Maldives.  >>

GLOBE Mission Mosquito Webinar on 15 November
Join GLOBE Mission Mosquito for our next webinar on 15 November at 2:00 pm ET (7:00 p.m. UTC).  >>

Globe Observer Connect
Did you participate in the October annular eclipse with GLOBE or host an eclipse event? We want to hear from you! Join us on 9 November for an informal conversation on your eclipse activities.  >>

Nautilus Expedition Webinar on 12 December
Chat live with scientists about their deep-sea research!  >>

Attention GLOBE Teachers: IVSS 2024 Has Begun!
Now is the time to start working with your students on their 2024 International Virtual Science Symposium (IVSS) projects.  >>