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Great Global Investigation of Climate IOP 1-30 September
The next Great Global Investigation of Climate (GGIC) takes place throughout the month of September. Take your students outdoors to collect precipitation measurements as well as air and soil temperature data. Then, enter the data in the GLOBE database and learn how to classify local weather and climate.  >>

New to SCRC - Phenology and Climate Project
Did you know that some species of plants are flowering almost a month earlier than they were a century ago? Now you can play an active role in researching the important relationship between plants and climate by taking part in the new GLOBE Phenology and Climate Project.  >>

Online Webinars August 21 and 22 - Join Us
Now is the time to learn what you need to know about Phase Two of the Student Climate Research Campaign. You won't want to miss your chance to connect with the GLOBE Program Office (GPO) experts online during one of the webinars listed below. 21 and 22 August  >>

Early Returns Promising as New GLOBE Website Receives Positive Reviews
It is being called a "game changer" and a "turning point for the GLOBE Program." This is what Partners, Country Coordinators and the U.S. Federal Agency Sponsors are saying about the new GLOBE website portal which was released in early July.  >>

Phenology and Climate … Ask Questions, Discover Answers
Now is the time to learn more about the growing season in your community and GLOBE can help you do just that. As part of the GLOBE Student Climate Research Campaign (SCRC), The GLOBE Program Office (GPO) is seeking measurements of Budburst, Green-up and Green-down as well as measurements of air temperature, precipitation and soil temperature and soil moisture. Now you can play an active role in determining the growing season by doing these protocols throughout the appropriate season at your school.  >>

Student Science Symposium
This year, for the first time, GLOBE students participated in the 16th GLOBE Annual Partner Meeting. The first GLOBE Student Science Symposium showcased 12 student research projects presented by individual students and student teams from four countries.  >>

Photo of the Week - August 1
Leaping in the Rain! It doesn't rain very much in Oman. That's why Asma Salim Rashid AlBelushi jumped for joy during a brief downpour at the 16th Annual GLOBE Partner Meeting.  >>

Annual Meeting Wrap Up
A special thank you to all who attended the 16th GLOBE Annual Partner Meeting. This year, the meeting was held on the campus of St. Catherine University in St. Paul, MN, U.S.A (15-20 July). Participants were treated to inspiring reports from GLOBE regions around the world as well as meaningful updates and presentations from GLOBE Program Office (GPO) staff.  >>

GLOBE Calendar Competition Begins 1 August 2012
Beginning 1 August, GLOBE students are invited to submit original artwork, photographs, or artifacts to be featured in a GLOBE Calendar for 2013. Student entries should also include a brief statement about how they are using GLOBE to understand and research their local climate. For more information visit the GLOBE Calendar Competition webpage.  >>

GLOBE Webinars in July and August 2012
The second year of the Student Climate Research Campaign (SCRC) is set to beegin in September 2012 with a focus on students developing and conducting climate science research projects using GLOBE data and other long-term data sets. Participate in the upcoming webinars to learn the latest news about Phase Two.  >>