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GLOBE Implementation Office Closed Monday, 06 September, to Celebrate U.S. Labor Day 2021
The GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO), including the Community Support Team, will be closed Monday, 06 September, to celebrate the U.S. Labor Day holiday.  >>

Ten Countries Celebrate Anniversary with The GLOBE Program in September
Congratulations to the ten GLOBE countries celebrating anniversaries of successful GLOBE implementation during the month of September.  >>

The GLOBE Program’s App, GLOBE Observer, Celebrates 5th Anniversary Today (01 September)!
Today, 01 September, marks the 5th anniversary of The GLOBE Program’s citizen science app: GLOBE Observer. Since 2016, GLOBE Observer has grown with more than 209,000 citizen scientists using the app to make observations. Together, they have submitted over 677,000 environmental observations – and, from their dedicated input, 19 professional publications have been written.  >>

Miss – Or Want to Watch Again – Sessions from the 2021 GLOBE Annual Meeting? Recordings Will Be Available for a Short Time
Did you miss – or would you like to view again – some of the sessions that took place during the 2021 GLOBE Annual Meeting: Adapting to a Changing Environment? The meeting has been uploaded to YouTube; however, these recordings will only be available for a short time.  >>

U.S./Canada K-12 Teachers: Deadline for Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision Science Competition is 31 January 2022
The Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision science competition encourages K–12 students to imagine what technology might be like in the future while learning the scientific process in an engaging, hands-on way. The deadline for submissions 31 January 2022, 11:59 ET.08 February 2021.  >>

Become an Armchair Cloud Expert and Help NASA Scientists Along the Way
Would you like to help NASA scientists advance their understanding of Earth’s atmosphere and climate from the comfort of your own home? The Zooniverse's people-powered research platform and GLOBE have partnered to form CLOUD GAZE (Community science project Leveraging Online and User Data through GLOBE and Zooniverse Engagement).  >>

Did You Participate in the Mosquito Habitat Photo Challenge? Collect Your Certificate Today!
If you participated in the Mosquito Habitat Photo Challenge, which ran from 25 July through 25 August, there is a special certificate available to you if you collected mosquito habitat, larvae, or land cover data.  >>

Participating in the Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign? Then Check Out this Blog!
Read the recent Community Blog written by Brian Campbell, NASA Senior Earth Science Education Specialist, “Looking at Metrics and Data Numbers Related to the Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign.”  >>

What Are GLOBE Working Groups? Find Out – Information Made Easy!
Tip of the Week: In addition to working with scientists, educators, and country partners around the world, GLOBE also collaborates with local community members to develop and implement GLOBE's mission. These teams, or Working Groups (WGs), provide us with valuable feedback on the management of The GLOBE Program and present us with potential opportunities for increasing our global impact. They also serve as an important link between the program and GLOBE communities at large.  >>

Monday Update – GLOBE Mosquito Habitat Photo Challenge Runs through This Wednesday!
The GLOBE Mosquito Habitat Photo Challenge kicked off on Sunday, 25 July, by Monday, August 23 we now have over 1,500, photos of mosquito larvae, water habitats, and 4,000 land cover photos. Thanks for all the great observations and photos so far!  >>