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Join the ENSO Data Entry Challenge – 22 April through 22 July!
The GLOBE Program invites you to join the ENSO (El Niño Southern Oscillation) Data Entry Challenge. The goal of the challenge, which began on 22 April and runs through 22 July, is to involve students in the GLOBE ENSO Student Research Campaign.  >>

New GLOBE Community Blog “El Niño Costero In Perú: A Story to Tell” Shares Vivid Impacts of Unique El Niño Variation
What is causing severe social and economic impacts in Peru? A recent GLOBE Community Blog by Claudia Cecilia Caro Vera, “El Niño Costero In Perú: A Story to Tell” explains that the answer to this question is “El Niño Costero” – a unique variation of El Niño (ENSO) that occurs when there is an irregular increase in the temperature of the ocean surface restricted to Peruvian and Ecuadorian coasts. If you’d like to learn more about this phenomenon – and if you’d like to help the people of Perú affected by El Niño Costero – please read the entire blog here!  >>

Register Today for 16 May GLOBE ENSO Webinar: “Technology and Engineering”
Register today for the GLOBE ENSO Student Research Campaign webinar: “Technology and Engineering.” The webinar will take place on Tuesday, 16 May, at 8:00 p.m. EDT (12:00 a.m. UTC). You can join this webinar by registering here.  >>

What Are the Impacts of El Niño As Seen Through GLOBE Student Observations? Read Dr. Czajkowski’s Latest Blog and Find Out!
In the fall of2016, students in Dr. Kevin Czajkowski’s Weather and Climate class at the University of Toledo developed projects based on El Niño. The students in the class looked at GLOBE data from a part of the world in which El Niño has an effect. The students were also tasked with doing research on El Niño and La Niña to learn more about these events.  >>

Join the GLOBE Community: eTraining Available Now – Protocol Training Made Easy!
Tip of the Week: GLOBE eTraining, which was introduced to the community on Earth Day 2016, provides the opportunity for new and existing GLOBE users to complete science protocol training at anytime, anywhere. GLOBE eTraining consists of multiple downloadable training modules, interactive digital field and lab experiences, online assessments for each module, and access to support through online discussion forums. Thanks to eTraining, teachers can join the GLOBE community today!  >>

Peace Corps and GLOBE Team Up to Host Webinar Highlighting Environmental Education Resources TODAY – Register Now!
In honor of Earth Day – an event dedicated to bringing awareness to global environmental issues – the Peace Corps’ World Wise Schools is teaming up with Dr. Lin Chambers, the GLOBE Program Manager at NASA Headquarters, to host a webinar highlighting environmental education resources available to educators and Peace Corps Volunteers. The webinar will begin at 5:00 p.m. (ET) today, 01 May!  >>

April 2017 GLOBE News Brief
April 2017 GLOBE News Brief  >>

Letter to the Community
Letter to the Community  >>

Deadline to Register for the 2017 GLOBE Annual Meeting is 05 July!
The deadline to register for the 21st GLOBE Annual Meeting and Student Research Experience is fast approaching – 05 July. After that date, there will be a $100 late fee. The deadline to book your hotel room is also 05 July.  >>

GLOBE Community: Data Visualization System – Visualizing Made Easy!
Tip of the Week: Did you know that GLOBE provides the ability to view and interact (visualize) with data around the world? You can select the visualization tool to map, graph, filter and export data that have been measured across GLOBE protocols since 1995. Currently, the GLOBE Data Visualization Tool supports a subset of protocols.  >>