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Submitting a Learning Activity

All of The GLOBE Program benefits from its members sharing successful learning activities related to GLOBE data or protocols. Before you use the upload tool to share a document, please review the below guidelines. Learning activities will be reviewed prior to publishing on the website.

Learning activities should:
  • Relate to a GLOBE protocol, GLOBE data or information on
  • Be designed for a specific age range
  • Include a recommended time to complete
  • Include detailed instructions

Accessibility Standards

Learning activities should be relevant to a wide GLOBE audience and follow accessibility guidelines.

To make sure the document is accessible, check that it meets each of these standards:
  • File Format: PDF is preferred
  • Images: Ensure images have alt text, and ensure any data visualizations are described
  • Font Size: Font size should be 8 pt or larger
  • Color Contrast: Ensure text and illustrations have accessible color contrast (4.5:1 foreground-to-background ratio)
  • Web Links: Ensure web links are active and working and the labels include descriptive text
  • Page Titles and Headers: Pages should have a title and header
To help meet the above guidelines, use an accessibility check software, such as one available through Adobe Acrobat Pro or Microsoft Word.

To learn more about best practices for digital accessibility, review the GLOBE Style and Accessibility Checklist (pdf).