Writing this blog does not mark a complete severance of my link with GLOBE Nigeria and GLOBE Africa as a whole, a country, and a continent, I espoused and loved right from my primary school about 25 years ago. As observed by many Nigerians, I am qualified to be described as a passionate GLOBE Man.

These successes can be traced back to the travel grant that I received in 2013 from the National Science Foundation through The University of Toledo, Ohio to attend the 18th GLOBE Annual Partners Meeting in Maryland. Since then, GLOBE has impacted my life tremendously and improved my contributions to environmental education and science. In January 2020, the knowledge that has acquired through GLOBE provided an opportunity to be admitted and funded for a Ph.D. program in Spatially Integrated Social Science (SISS) at The University of Toledo, Ohio.  This allowed me to join GLOBE Mission Earth (GME) as a Research Assistant to Dr. Kevin Czajkowski on NASA funded project that fuses GLOBE projects with NASA assets. It is interesting to know how “The GLOBE Program” has prepared me for the task at GLOBE Mission Earth, University of Toledo. Lastly, special thanks to Dr. Kevin Czajkowski, Janet Struble, Sara Mierzwiak, and Shari Grayczyk for providing a platform to soar.

Here is the picture with the GME UT Team, and GLOBE Teachers in a training session at the University of Toledo early this year.


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