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I've been digging through my Inbox, trying to clear out some of the large files from the past. I'm at a critical point as these files are triggering invitations to buy more space for storage. Rather than doing that, I'm deleting instead! But during this process, I've come across some resources and discussions that I always seem to forget exist already on the GLOBE website. I thought that perhaps I'd write a couple blog posts and point out some of these for anyone following my blog. This first one is a training agenda from 2003! A group of us were invited to Washington, D.C. to work on...

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We had a fabulous webinar this afternoon in which students in both North America and South America shared their work on using GLOBE protocols to learn more about water in their environment. Meriam Kalloe, the GLOBE Assistant Country Coordinator for Suriname, brought together many students from Anton Resida Middle School who shared information on their use of several GLOBE hydrology protocols to study the quality of water in three locations near their school. They plan to continue to monitor the quality of the water in those three sites. Then Jeff Bouwman's middle school students...

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A Very Special ENSO Student Research Campaign SODA Webinar will begin in 1 hour. The webinar will be live from Puerto Rico and will focus on Water Quality after Hurricane Maria. Two student teams from the Ramey school will be presenting their GLOBE ENSO research today. Learn more HERE! Join us at:

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This week we are very excited to highlight the work of Ms. Jillian Anderson and her high school students at the Lexington School for the Deaf, in Queens, NY. Ever since they joined the U.S. GLOBE Air Quality Student Research Campaign, they have been going outside to make observations of the atmosphere every day! The students have been submitting both Clouds and Aerosol Optical Thickness observations and we want to thank them for their valuable contribution to science.   We encourage them to keep up their great work and we invite other schools to continue submitting...

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We breathe in the oxygen they produce, clamber up their branches, pick their delicious fruits and sit in their shade – and now it’s time for trees to have the spotlight! NASA’s ICESat-2 mission wants to meet you and your favorite tree. It could be a giant sequoia or a maple sapling, a wetland mangrove or a desert cactus. It could be a favorite climbing tree, a place for reflection, a support for a swing, or anything else meaningful to you. Create a short video starring you and your tree, and it could be included in a NASA video feature on an upcoming citizen science project. In orbit...

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