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As you know, Phase III of the GLOBE ENSO Student Research Campaign is focusing on "Water in Our Environment" through a set of Guiding Investigative Questions. Across our planet, water is used for everything.  Check out this eye-opening Time Series of Global Irrigation and Groundwater Depletion Maps revealing geographical patterns in the use of fresh water for agriculture. The map visualization starts at 1950 and moves all the way through until the projected data to 2082. This visualization shows the importance of water, water availability, and water conservation.

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"Our traverse is complete, our gear has been stored for next season, and we are ready to head north to warmer climates." Check out the adventures HERE!

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Satellites can detect and collect a lot of observations in very short amount of time. It is simple to think that anything that is white in an image is a cloud. Well, not always.  Look at these beautiful images taken by the GOES 16 satellite of the recent "Winter Weather Bomb" that left a blanket of snow from South Georgia to New England on January 4, 2018. Click here and watch a loop of images from the GOES 16 satellite for January 4, 2018. GOES 16 Image taken on January 4, 2018 at 171720Z GOES 16 Image taken on January 4, 2018 at 201720Z       ...

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As many of us have seen on the news recently, a great many people in southern California were impacted by mudslides last night. We know these dangerous natural disasters occur all over the world. Scientists globally are working hard to be able to better predict these devastating events. You can learn more about the use of NASA's satellite data to detect potential landslides here.  I recently attended a hearing for government officials that focused on the increasing danger we face from landslides and mudslides and wrote this blog that summarized many of the reports from...

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Here at NASA Langley we've started the year with snow, and lots of it! Has all this snow and weather gotten you hooked on the weather? Do you like to watch the weather reports on TV or on your phone? Dr. Yolanda Shea, a scientist at NASA Langley Research Center, used to do just that when she was younger. See what inspired her and how she became a NASA scientist! Comment and share how this video inspires you! Also, with all this snow on the ground, be sure to submit your cloud reports! Enter your data through GLOBE or use the GLOBE Observer app and follow these simple steps!...

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