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At the Annual Meeting in Connecticut this summer, I asked the United States GLOBE partners and teachers to write down one GLOBE-related accomplishment on an index card. It could be either professional or personal, something that was time-consuming or one that took minutes. Whatever it was, it had to have made them proud or excited about their year in GLOBE. The responses are below:   One of the 21CCLC (after school) student groups that I worked with attended and received a Science Research Award at the SRS in New Jersey. Wrote an article on Education Outreach - various activities...

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When you start writing your GLOBE report for IVSS, it might be difficult because you might not sure where to start. We tend to start writing the Methods section first because it is something you did it yourselves and it should be relatively easy and straight forward to write. Second, you should write the Results section, do graphs, tables and texts (think of a best way to present your cool data to the whole world). Third, you should start writing the Introduction stating your hypotheses and predictions. The next step would be the Discussion section. It is funny to say but as scientists, we...

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Please welcome Guest Blogger Jayme Margolin-Sneider, a GLOBE 6-8 grade science teacher and STEM Advisor from Westview Middle School in Longmont, Colorado.   This is the second in a series of posts by GLOBE teachers sharing classroom experiences to support the student research process. The series is supported by NSF funding for the United States Regional Student Research Symposia. If you are a teacher interested in contributing, please contact Haley Wicklein for more information. Thank you to Jayme for sharing this! Last year, I had two different groups of students present at the...

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