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GLOBE Teachers, Partners, Country Coordinators, and GISN Members: Please Complete the GLOBE Annual Survey by 17 January

A graphic showing a red pencil checking one of three boxes, reading "Take the Survey"

In mid-December, links to the GLOBE Annual Survey were sent to GLOBE teachers, partners, country coordinators, and members of the GLOBE International STEM Network and the GISN. The deadline for returning the survey is 17 January.

Please take a few moments to complete the survey and share your feedback. This is our fourth year tracking the GLOBE community’s progress toward the performance targets in the GLOBE 2018-2023 Strategic Plan. Responses from the previous years’ Annual GLOBE Survey show that we are close to achieving most of our targets; however, GLOBE needs the full participation from the community so that we can be confident of the excellent progress toward achieving our performance targets.

Your feedback helps to ensure that the GIO stays on track in supporting the GLOBE Community. Please fill out survey by 17 January – and let your voice be heard!

News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office