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White House Screens Winning Film Created by GLOBE Students from Texas

White House Visit
Photo courtesy of Audra Edwards

Congratulations to GLOBE Students Allyson Edwards and Madison Jaco and GLOBE Teacher Audra Edwards of Hawkins High School, Hawkins, Texas, USA. Their film, "Generation Change," was selected as one of 15 films selected to be screened at the second White House Film Festival on March 20, 2015.

As part of The GLOBE Program, the students worked on a water quality project in India – which earned them an invitation to the global science fair in New Delhi. In India, the two connected with like-minded students with a vision for improving the environment. At that time, the girls introduced the international community to the "Adopt-a-Highway" Program, which was founded in Tyler, Texas (only 20 miles from their hometown of Hawkins).  

For their winning film, Jaco and Edwards called on students from around the globe (including students from India, Croatia, Nigeria, Argentina, Benin, and France) to share videos of themselves engaged in their Adopt-a –Highway clean-up campaign.

Here's an interview with Edwards and Jaco before they headed to Washington, D.C.! 

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Congratulations! It was a pleasure to collaborate from Argentina.
Thank you so much Ana for being a huge part of our effort. We could not have done this without your help. It is so great to see kids all over the world making a positive impact on their environment!