Join Millions Around the World on 15 September for World Cleanup Day! Let’s Do It World!

World Cleanup Day Banner

Participants in World Cleanup Day

On 15 September, join millions of people in more than 15 countries worldwide working to rid our planet of trash – cleaning up beaches, rivers, forests, and streets in one of the biggest peaceful civic actions in human history. This powerful “green wave” will start in New Zealand and will end 36 hours later in Hawaii, with participants working toward one goal: a clean and healthy planet.

Ten years ago, the “Let’s Do It World” movement started in Estonia, when nearly 50,000 people (approximately 5 percent of the Estonian population) came together to clean up mismanaged waste in one day. The efforts that took place that day inspired people around the world to follow the same ambitious “one country-one day” formula.  

To join this inspirational global cleanup initiative, please visit Join the movement!

Girl participating in World Cleanup Day

News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office


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