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GLOBE Stars in Jordan

Building on the early success of the GLOBE Program in Jordan, students and teachers gathered in Amman during the spring of 1998 for a special training workshop. 56 students and 29 teachers representing 16 schools practiced the GLOBE measurement protocols and mastered the use of the GLOBE Web site. Participants also conducted a Web Chat on remote sensing with Gary Lauten from the University of New Hampshire.

During the workshop closing ceremonies, Mr. Nidal Al-Hadeed, the Deputy Mayor of Amman, congratulated the students and teachers and commented on how GLOBE student measurements will complement the work of local authorities in monitoring the environment. "We feel very proud of you, and we can depend on you!" Mr. Al-Hadeed exclaimed.

Students participating in the workshop reported that it was a great way to build their excitement about GLOBE. "We acquired new skills, as well as made new friends," said GLOBE student Noor Nizar.

25 August 1998