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GLOBE Stars in Australia

The GLOBE Program in Australia is taking full advantage of both print and electronic media to keep up with the more than 200 schools now participating in GLOBE. With this strong support at the national level, Australian students have reported more than 94,000 measurements in atmosphere, land cover/biology, soils, and hydrology.

To help Australian schools keep in touch, GLOBE Australia publishes a newsletter featuring the work of outstanding GLOBE schools reporting data and advising teachers of upcoming training workshops. "GLOBE Gold" Awards are given to those schools that report data for a minimum of six months and use this information to explore connections between their measurements and the Seasons Investigation from the Teacher's Guide. Schools that submit 500, 2000, and 10,000 data entries in two or more investigations also receive special certificates.

GLOBE Australia makes a special effort to provide follow-up training to teachers and to ensure schools are properly calibrating their GLOBE instruments.. On the World Wide Web, GLOBE Australia hosts a "Virtual Staff Room" for teachers to share ideas and for the GLOBE Country Coordinators to pass along important information. Links are provided to Australian GLOBE Schools that have created their own home pages, such as the Carine Senior High School pictured here. Visit the Australian GLOBE home page.

19 May 1999