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Lise-Meitner Gesamtschule Koeln-Porz, Koeln, Germany

GLOBE students in Germany demonstrated their impressive understanding of global climate issues during the recent visit of a U.S. diplomat to their school. Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs David Sandalow visited the Lise-Meitner-Gesamtschule in Koeln as part of his trip to Germany for discussions with world leaders on environmental issues.

The students and teachers presented their GLOBE activities and engaged Mr. Sandalow in a discussion about international environmental topics. The students were recently recognized by Germany's Ministry for Environment as part of a competition on lowering CO2 emissions. With their experience in GLOBE, these young people were able to talk very intelligently with a world leader on complex issues, reported GLOBE Teacher Hellmut Horstmeier.

Recognizing that global environmental issues are affected by local actions, the GLOBE students are also working in cooperation with a local glass producing company called VEGLA / ST. GOBAIN. The company provides the students different types of glass which the students then use to construct a small model home and test how the different glass types affect inside temperatures. Their goal is to find a glass which allows the house to warm to a comfortable temperature, but without overheating the space inside the house. The students and company officials meet to discusses their findings and the company uses the student data in their own research.

08 November 1999