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Fairview Elementary School, Sylva, NC, United States

Students at Fairview Elementary School have proven themselves to be such professional young scientists, they are being recruited to teach teachers! T he North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching, a GLOBE Franchise responsible for training many teachers statewide, has enlisted these talen ted youngsters to lead demonstrations as a regular part of their GLOBE Teacher Training Workshops.

This past summer, teachers traveled to Sylva as part of a GLOBE training retreat that includes guidance in maximizing GLOBE's educational opportunitie s and adapting GLOBE to the classroom. Sixth, seventh, and eighth graders led the teachers on a tour of their study sites and demonstrated the atmosp here, land cover, hydrology and soils protocols. The kids also encouraged the teacher to try some of the measurements themselves and answered questio ns from the group. "This is an excellent way to reinforce these students' learning," says GLOBE Teacher and Trainer Marianna Kesgen. "Seeing the students in action gives teachers a whole different perspective. They are able to start the process of how they might fit GLOBE activities into their own curricula." The students have also been asked to demonstrate GLOBE for an ElderHostel group visiting Western Carolina University. "The kids love doing this," Ms. Kesgen added.

15 November 1999