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GLOBE Stars in Canada

An Australian school teacher on an exchange program in Canada is going to be about as far away from home as is possible this Earth Day. Peter Hardy, a GLOBE Teacher currently at St. Patrick High School in Yellowknife, Canada, is participating in a special expedition that will take him to isolated villages in the cold, snowy upper reaches of Canada to recruit and train GLOBE schools.

The Arctic Millennium Project is a special expedition which kicks-off February 20, 2000. The mission's goal is to take a snapshot of the Canadian arctic environment and arctic living conditions and provide an opportunity for students to virtually explore the region through their Web site.

"This is just an amazing expedition," Mr. Hardy said. "We will assist schools along our journey in initiating the GLOBE program with their students while also helping to generate regional weather maps across the arctic coast," he said. Scientists at the Arctic Climate Center in Edmonton plan to use GLOBE data to provide more sophisticated and accurate forecasting.

18 February 2000