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Czech GLOBE Games

The Czech GLOBE Program celebrated Earth Day 2000 with their third Czech GLOBE Games recently, in Humpolec, Czech Republic. Almost 300 Czech students and 46 teachers from 33 schools, as well as Norwegian GLOBE Country Coordinator Karl Hetland with 36 students and 18 teachers from his GLOBE schools participated in the Games.

The opening ceremony took place on Saturday morning in Humpolec's town center where GLOBE students rolled a three meter globe through the streets. GLOBE Coordinator Dana Votapkova said, "it was moving to see so many students coming together to celebrate the environment and quite a sight to see them pushing a huge globe through the streets!" Town Mayor Jan Koten, Ministry of the Education representative Jana Cepelova, Norway's national GLOBE Coordinator Karl Hetland, and Czech GLOBE Coordinators Jana Ledvinova and Dana Votapkova opened the Czech GLOBE Games.

The actual science activities took place near the forest and ruins of the Orlik castle where student teams competed in recognizing tree types, measuring water quality and identifying clouds, as well as taking phenology measurements and studying remote sensing, soil and GPS. The students and teachers also participated in a GLOBE-A-Thon that focused on hydrology, soil and MUC protocols. Some students worked as journalists during the Games and prepared a special issue of the Czech GLOBE Newsletter while other students cheered the teams on and investigated the history, architecture and culture of the town.

05 July 2000