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Earth Day is International

In addition to celebrations all across the United States, Earth Day events took place in a variety of other GLOBE countries such as Croatia, Benin and the United Kingdom...

Croatia GLOBE Balloons

Earth Day and the Fifth Anniversary of GLOBE in Croatia rose up together all around the country and especially in the Capital city Zegreb in late April. As widely reported in the Croatian news media, the program gathered much attention as a huge GLOBE hot air balloon lifted over a local park's lake where sailboats breezed by with the GLOBE logo on their sails.

GLOBE students presented descriptions of their work on posters, sang environmental songs and demonstrated hydrology measurements, reports GLOBE Country coordinator Diana Garasic. The high level of data reporting by Croatian schools was highlighted when students sent aloft a list of their data reports that ran 20 meters long!

Benin's GLOBE Blooms

GLOBE students in Benin celebrated the 30th anniversary of Earth Day for a full week in Lycee Behanzin, Porto-Novo. The events included visiting a botanical garden, performing a variety of protocols for the public, and holding a school clean-up day. April 28 was designated "National GLOBE Day, said GLOBE Country Coordinator Ms. Alidjennatou Emmanuel."

A First for UK's GLOBE

GLOBE-United Kingdom celebrated the UK's first Earth Day this year with students and staff from Woodville C of E Junior School in Swadlincote, Derbyshire.

The students gathered at the new Millennium Dome in London, filled with the latest communications technology. There they collected atmosphere protocol data and received Emails from other GLOBE students around the world, including Estonia, Holland, Benin, Cameroon, Australia and the United States. They will replay to all the messages as they return to school, said Andy Tasker, UK's GLOBE Country Coordinator.

03 May 2000