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Teachers Trained Amid Natural Beauty of Argentina

GLOBE teachers and students get to spend wonderful hours outdoors in their studies of science. There was a particularly spectacular setting for a special GLOBE training in the Reserva Ecologica Costanera Sur, an ecological reserve in the heart of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

There, sixty teachers, scientists and government officials from Argentina, Paraguay and Colombia attended a GLOBE International Teacher Training Workshop in Buenos Aires, hosted by Argentina's Ministry of Education.

Amid swans, box turtles and egrets, participants took hydrology measurements from a gentle river. A local affiliate of CNN filmed the training which was for advanced Atmosphere protocols.

"Many schools located in the important cities of La Plata, Rosario, San Martin de los Andes and from the surroundings of Buenos Aires have begun incorporating GLOBE protocols into their studies," enthused Maria del Carmen Galloni, GLOBE Country Coordinator for Argentina. "This workshop will lead to many collaborations between the students in the Argentine provinces."

But not all GLOBE work is done outside; the key step of reporting data on the Internet is strictly an indoor task. An historic technical high school founded by Jewish Settlers -- Escuelas ORT in downtown Buenos Aires -- was the setting for visualization and GLOBE website workshops.

Landsat imaging and remote sensing have been a key focus of the urban GLOBE schools in Argentina. Many of the GLOBE teachers at ORT were proud to show off their GLOBE activities to the conference participants.

The U.S. Embassy hosted a closing ceremony and reception. Workshop participants promised to build collaborative GLOBE efforts on the partnerships forged during the training.

14 March 2001