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Superior Elementary School Shares GLOBE with Sister School in Nepal

On March 19, a team of teachers and students from Superior Elementary School in Superior, Colorado will embark on a two-week journey to Nepal to visit their sister school, Surya Boarding School in the town of Khandbari. For nearly four years, the two schools have been in close contact, sharing thoughts, ideas, and native customs in a celebration of cultural diversity. Soon they hope to share an involvement in GLOBE as well. 

Superior Elementary introduced GLOBE into their 4th and 5th grade classrooms just last September and the students have already embraced the Program with great enthusiasm. They look forward to sharing this enthusiasm with their friends in Nepal. In addition to school supplies and numerous pen pal letters, they will also bring GLOBE materials. Through the generous donation of a local organization, Superior has purchased the equipment necessary for Surya to implement GLOBE atmosphere and hydrology protocols. The schools are planning to share several collaborative projects involving GLOBE data. 

05 March 2004